Repaint front door if you want to sell your home

According to the Co-operative Bank, those selling their property should think about repainting their front door. The front door and garden is the first thing a prospective buyer sees so should make an impression. Fresh seasonal flowers, in pots or planted, along the front walk or by your front door can create the right look.

The Co-operative Bank revealed that 35% of prospective buyers will not buy a property if it has a pink door. The most popular colour was white but the Bank has warned against buyers focusing too much on cosmetic features in a property.

John Barker, the bank’s head of mortgages, said we would encourage home movers to look beyond the purely cosmetic details of a property and do as much research as possible to ensure they make themselves aware of the various information sources available and get the best property for their needs and budget.

Becoming more informed about the options available should lead to healthier finances in the longer term, added Mr Barker.

The Bank also said a big garden is considered the most attractive feature of a property for homebuyers with large kitchens and garages also considered popular.

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