Quick Home Sale Guide

One of the biggest headaches when selling your home is becoming stuck in a chain – you cannot sell your property until the person buying has sold theirs, which is dependent on the person buying their home selling theirs, and so on.

Don’t despair, though – there are a number of options available to house sellers if you’re looking for a quick property sale.

The first, and simplest, option is to approach a property purchasing company, also known as house buyers, who offer cash for homes. These can ensure that your property is sold relatively fast, though you may find you have to offer a discount on your original asking price to ensure a quick cash sale (though compare it to relevant estate agent fees and solicitors costs).

However, if you find yourself having to move because of financial difficulties, another option you can consider is to sell and rent back property. That means instead of having to sell your house and move into a smaller property, you can sell your house to a property company with an agreement to rent from the purchaser. This allows you to free up much needed cash, which you can then use to pay off your debts and pay rent with, helping you to recover your personal finances.This can be especially useful in the event of mortage arrears and the threat of repossession.

Of course, whatever your circumstances, you can also attempt a private sale, either advertising your property online, or else set up an advertisement in the local paper with a headline such as buy my house. You may find that it’s much easier to work through a quick house sale via a professional house buying company, though, but if you do so, make sure that you do read the small print. The last thing many home owners would want is to sign up to an equity release agreement only to find themselves facing a reversion of ownership do to a clause in the contract.

While most property investment companies that do offer a cash sale are generally reputable, because most people have most of their cash invested in their property, you definitely need to continue to look after that investment, no matter their personal circumstances.

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